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Why are the decisions we take when buying a car the same ones we should make when considering an offsite timber based building solution

With car buying we have known information, or brands detailing, that help us understand what they bring in terms of specification, quality, what they cost per mile, life span & depreciation etc.

When buying a car from the cheaper ranges you would expect it to be noisier inside, a bit draughty, not really comfortable and less stable on the road. It will do the job at a lower price and you would hope it will last over 80,000 miles before being scrapped.

If you buy from the higher end of the market you expect greater comfort, more stability, & a car that’s quieter and warmer, with the hope it will last 200,000 miles & may even be worth something at the end. On top of these choices we consider the environmental impact; petrol over diesel, gas, full electric or hybrids, embodied energy over fuel consumption, lifespan over whole life cost.

Hopefully you can see where I am going with this analogy for choosing between cheapest price open panel timber frame & super insulated wall panel systems.

If you would like to see our formula for choosing timber based frame, SIP’s & CLT solutions please send to: #offsite #timber

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