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Our Products

Building With Frames offer a range of different products used for specific needs of you the client. For example, budgets, carbon requirements and site access which will also affect the types of builds that can be used. The options are integrated to meet partial or full off site (modular) requirements.

We offer a site appraisal to identify the options and most suitable choice of build and delivery method. This is a vital part of planning for off site and recommended to all clients. It also ensures close stakeholder involvement from the outset, tailoring solutions to the needs of individual clients. This step demonstrates a commitment to delivering customised and efficient solutions while ensuring that you stakeholder are involved from the very beginning.

Panelised Frames

Buildings can be delivered in a variety of forms and the panelised route is normally chosen where the weight and position of the building is not suited to the delivery of modules.

It’s important to note that the decision between modular and panelised construction should be based on a careful evaluation of project-specific requirements, site conditions, and other influencing factors – this will be determined during a consultation and project appraisal.  Often, a combination of both approaches may be used in a hybrid construction method, depending on the project’s scope and constraints.


Modular Building


The full off-site option that Building With Frames offer is modular. For clarity first; Volumetric buildings are structures that are made up of more than one module. A building made up of two modules can therefore be called modular or volumetric.


Probably the best known volumetric buildings in the UK, would be the ‘Premier Inn’ structure that have bedrooms with integrated bathrooms.

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