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What is the Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) 

BOPAS offers designers, manufacturers, lenders, valuation and, ultimately buyer’s confidence in modern construction methods. Whilst methods do already exist to assess products, they are not necessarily suited to off-site manufacturing. BOPAS builds on existing forms of product certification but, uniquely, its scope of assessment extends to the completed structure. 

In consultation with the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Building Societies Association, the scheme has been jointly developed by Build Offsite, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Lloyd’s Register and BLP Insurance – and consists of three elements: 

  • Lloyd’s Register accreditation process: this step evaluates and facilitates the adoption of best practice by designers and manufacturers in key performance areas such as risk management, competency management, configuration management, procurement management and process control. 
  • BLP durability and maintenance assessment: this is based on a standard time frame of 60 years – the minimum durability expectation for structural components. It is designed to provide assurance on the probable service life of a building. 
  • BOPAS web-based database: this assists valuation, surveyors, and lenders in the provision of valuations and advice for their clients. By providing information regarding registered sites and individual builds which have been accredited under the scheme. 


Why was BOPAS developed? 

Manufacturers of innovative systems habitually struggle to secure development funding unless they demonstrate that the end build will be mortgageable. Mortgage lenders are often reluctant to lend against forms of construction with which they are not familiar, and their valuers may refuse to value properties that incorporate unfamiliar building systems. 

Problems frequently arise during the first sale but can also impact subsequent transactions where there is no warranty in place – particularly since modifications to the build are more likely to have been carried out and issues affecting durability are more likely to have appeared further down the line. As a result, the scheme was developed to address the concerns and perceived risks associated with bringing non-traditional building systems to the market. 

Building for the future 

Building with Frames now offer offsite products that are fully accredited with BOPAS – combining advanced design, high precision, and energy efficiency to produce a better and more cost-effective build. The buildings will combine Structural Steel Structural, Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Timber frame panels insulated to meet the levels of carbon capture and thermal performance requested by the client. 

Why is the scheme important? 

The BOPAS website provides links to manufacturers’ information and technical specifications, ensuring a greater sense of transparency within the innovative or non-traditional build sector. This is beneficial for not only the designers and manufacturers – who are able to present evidence that their builds have been constructed in accordance with the accreditation – but also for lenders and valuers, who can be confident that builds have followed best practice guidelines and have undergone the appropriate assessments. 

BOPAS is also recognised by the principal mortgage lenders and provides the necessary assurance that the accredited construction technology, system or end build will be readily mortgageable for at least 60 years – which is reassuring for potential buyers. 

Finally, many housing associations require their manufacturers and product suppliers to have BOPAS accreditation – so it is vital for manufacturers to ensure any developments incorporating non-traditional building systems will deliver consistent performance in terms of both energy efficiency and durability for the 60-year life cycle. 


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