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Delivery Throughout the UK

We distribute across the UK, which means that whether you are based in London, Leeds, Llandudno or Lands’ End, we can bring your modular build to realisation transporting it directly to your site. Once your build is ready to leave the factory, we notify your project manager in the weeks leading up to completion.

Site Ready For Delivery

At this stage, we will ask you or your project/site manager to ensure the site is ready to receive your build and to visit our factory to approve the product before delivery.

Notifying the project manager before completion and involving them in the approval process at our factory are crucial steps to ensure a smooth and successful delivery of your modular build. This collaboration between your team and the Building with Frames project manager helps to address any potential issues, verify the product’s quality, and prepare the construction site for the arrival of the building.

Transparency, Accountability, Collaboration

By involving the project manager in the process and ensuring their approval before delivery, we aim to promote transparency, accountability, and collaboration between our factory team and the construction team.

This approach helps to mitigate potential issues and ensures that the modular build is seamlessly integrated into the overall construction project. It also fosters a positive working relationship between all parties involved, which is crucial for the successful completion of your project.

Regardless of the complexity of your project, whether you are installing a simple single-room annex multi-modular home there will be transparency, accountability and collaboration, though perhaps to varying degrees.

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