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The full off-site construction option that Building With Frames offer is Turnkey Modular Buildings. For clarity first; Volumetric buildings are structures that are made up of more than one module. A building made up of two modules can therefore be called modular or volumetric. Building With Frames produce modules for individual Modular builds use or Volumetric builds. 

Building with Frames has been recently been appointed to LSE’s Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) of New Homes (NH3) Framework to deliver modular and offsite homes for the public sector. NH3 is designed to help boost the speed and quantity of delivery of the homes required to fulfil housing need across communities in England, Scotland and Wales.

We’re are committed to delivering high-quality modular and offsite homes for social housing providers and local authorities.

Timber Frame Temporary Housing


As a timber-based company striving to continually improve on sustainability, wood is at the core of all our designs. We do not have many competitors that can say they have developed their products far enough to have less then 3% steel within their modular structures, which makes them lighter, more sustainable and normally cheaper. 

The Building With Frames modular structure is manufactured using SIPs or our own Building With Frames super grade timber frame with recycled newspaper or wood pulp insulation. 

We have, through our research and development, designed our own Building With Frames System8 lifting arrangement to enable level lifts to all of timber frame building types and shapes that we currently manufacture. 

The level of finish and size of the module will affect the weight and distance that it can travel on the crane. 

Offsite Modular Buildings

Fitting out and external finishes

When considering the fit out and finishes the material choices will need to be considered against the weight and crane capacity to load the unit into the site position. Individual modules will often be heavier per metre square, as they will have more insulation and a complete set of external finishes. 

When the modules are connected to create a larger volumetric building the external finishes and greater insulation are only added to the external facing elevations, so the units may all have different weights and sizes, whilst having the same core structure. 

The level of finish and size of the module will affect the weight and distance a module can travel on the crane. Therefore, we offer a site appraisal to identify the options and most suitable choice of product and delivery method from our base in Cornwall. 

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