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Timber Frame Offsite Buildings

If you are not quite sure what you are looking for but interested in modern methods of construction (MMC), our consultancy services provide a clear picture of the right way to design and deliver your project. You will receive a full demonstration of the various options open to you.   We are accomplished in providing consultancy to property developers for multi-builds, architects creating a highly stylised and bespoke design or homeowners, seeking annex options to extend their home.  

Who we work with?

we work with a range of clients including architects, other manufacturers, engineers, public and private buyers.  Our consultancy services involve a range of steps to ensure the most efficient and effective outcomes for a project.

Building with Frames Assessment Tool

This includes the risks and benefits of each option (from a timber frame annex to a modular home) and advice on which option to follow. What can look like a simple project is often not! With our years of experience delivering MMC to sites around the UK, we approach each project in a  comprehensive and thorough manner using our Buiding with Frames Assessment Tool, so that you fully understand all of the implications and we can make accurate recommendations. 

Appraisal & Evaluation

Your project begins with a site and product appraisal. We will evaluate all aspects of the project, from the delivery routes, ground conditions, weight  and size of the units. As you can imagine the size, weight, and position are all affected by the ground conditions for the crane or hiab.

Early Stage Planning Means Longer Term Savings

It is always best to seek advice on modular builds from an experienced and approved manufacturer, like Building with Frames.  We have  a depth of knowledge in MMC that we apply before starting the architectural design.

Engaging in a consultation ensures that a simple adjustment in the early stages of the project could save you a small fortune in the longer term.    

Consultations in Cornwall and Devon and beyond.

Our consultancy service is exceptionally popular and requires booking in advance.  If you wish to book a consultation with one of our highly experienced project managers, please email and we can make arrangements to carry out a consultation which will provide you with a comprehensive report and recommendations.  This report can be used as a basis to obtain multiple quotes, ensuring you get the best value for your budget.  Our report provides you with a clear pathway for your project, highlighting a number of recommendations from design to site preparation.


Offsite Modular Building

What is the purpose of your project?

Time spent at the beginning of any off-site modular build project scoping the requirements, is time well spent. We ask you to consider, what needs will be addressed?  What unique or bespoke features do you want from your build? These are key questions that are essential to the overall success of the project.

We believe discussion, idea generation, problem-solving, and finding alternative solutions can all be an integral part of the scoping meeting. Investing time at this initial stage will reap considerable rewards throughout the life and completion of the project.  

Here is how it works!

A quick and abbreviated example: if your modules are over 3.5m wide, an attendant is required for transport adding between £500 and £1,000 to every delivery. If they are too long to get two on one lorry, or the roads and entrance have tight bends then we may have one on a shorter lorry and another unit on a drag trailer, potentially saving thousands on each delivery. We also have to consider cranes, building weights, building materials and performance required, the engineering of the structure to be stable in manufacture, transportation and its permanent position or if it needs to be moved again. These are all dealt with in our site appraisals, so if you have any doubts and have a project ready then please get in touch. 

Annexes, One Bedroom Homes, Multi Modular Accommodation, Commerical Spaces

We consult on a range of projects, so whether you have a project like an annex where you want to provide a relative accommodation much closer to you, or you have a business that requires additional space we can provide a full and comprehensive consultation that helps you make informed decisions about the next steps in your project.   In our extensive experience, many consultations convert into Building with Frames projects however we fully expect you to seek out the best option you feel can deliver your project, our goal is to ensure the end result meets your requirements.

What area do we cover?

We work on projects in the Devon and Cornwall area predominantly and have built up expertise and an excellent reputation in the region.  We offer consultancy services in other regions too which can be arranged once an initial on line initial consultation is completed.

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