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About Building with Frames

Let us tell you something about ourselves. 

Building With Frames are a manufacturing and assembly construction company founded on the principles of Design for Manufacture (DfMA).

DfMA is the combination of two methodologies. Design for Manufacture and Design for Assembly.

Design for Manufacture. 

This means the design for ease of manufacture of the parts that will form a product.

Design for Assembly.

The design of the product for ease of assembly deriving creative ideas at the same time.

Applied to the construction sector, DfMA is about finding ways to rationalise the design process, improve the selection of materials, and optimise the planning and logistics of building.

Your full build can be completed off site (modular) or we can provide parts of the building as offsite tailored to you, the clients needs, budget and carbon requirements.

We, at Building With Frames have an accredited BuildOffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) providing the quality assurance to manufacture high quality products, for you the customer.

We believe that DfMA combined with BOPAS provides the best platform to continuously improve quality, workforce skills, sustainability, product development, predictability of outcome and price, by reducing waste, inefficiency and poor information transfer.

Demand for off site is increasing to support better quality, more predictable and a more efficient way of building. According to a 2016 Buildoffsite report, on-site conditions can be 80% less safe than factory conditions and productivity in a factory reaches 80% compared to just 40% on site, and waste is almost entirely eliminated in a factory setting. On top of that, production is more easily controlled and inspected in a factory. Overall, the build quality is improved, outcomes are more certain and costs are minimised.

Please see xxxxxxx (by Chris Rule) to view one of our project’s digital information.

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