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Building With Frames Products

Panelised Products

Buildings can be delivered in a variety of forms and the panelised route is normally chosen where the weight and position of the building is not suited to the delivery of modules. The panels can be delivered as ‘Large Format Panels’ which can be anything up to 12m long although smaller lengths are normally more practical.

You will see many of our projects located across Devon and Cornwall with additional projects in the midlands, south east and north west of England.   

Modular Products

In addition to manufacturing the panels and cassettes, Building With Frames offer consultancy and has the facilities to assemble your chosen wall, roof, and floor type into modular buildings.  This process enables you to control the budget through sustainability, energy performance, size, and weight of the modular units. 

The full off-site option that Building With Frames offer is Turnkey Modular.

Modular products have become increasing popular particularly for self-build projects, annex buildings, garden rooms and additional office spaces.

Volumetric Products

To achieve truly affordable energy efficient housing, there is only one option that will meet the cost budgets, the performance required and work with local finishes.  And that is volumetric with all of the repeat production benefits that it offers.

Volumetric buildings are rationalised or repeated structures that are made up of more than one module. A building made up of two modules can therefore be classified as  modular or volumetric.Quite simply there would never have been cars for the average person without production lines and the same now goes for affordable housing.

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