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Muddy Farm to Classy Campsite

Land owners, campsites and farms are taking advantage of the new “on trend” holiday rental market. From a small/ micro 2 person capsule, to a family sized lodge, this business ‘add on’ or new business set up is currently a very lucrative market. This accommodation can fit along side any working farm or trading campsite as a fantastic alternative or extra revenue stream.

From a recent study of accommodation in Cornwall, lodges are renting anything from £75 per night to £2000 per week. This is a fantastic way for smaller sites and land owners to create a very profitable business. A simple Google search on ‘Camping pods for sale’ swamps you with companies offering the purchaser a ‘Perfect Solution’. With the Holiday lodge industry worth over 6 billion in the UK, there is plenty of opportunity and profit to go around for land owners / business owners.

When purchasing lodges consider purchasing from local companies, ensuring you have a direct port of call when something is not quite right. Cheaper isn’t always the answer when in the rental market – you need quality and longevity due to the amount the lodge is to be used. Non availability due to broken or damaged interiors or appliances means decommissioning & lost revenue. Lodge owners have to understand that increased wear & tear from high volumes of guests ,dogs, small children/ welly boots and mud are a common issue – Especially in Cornwall!

A perfect solution for prospective business owners is to buy something ‘pre engineered’. Pre engineered lodges can range from a complete ‘crane in’ fully finished and furnished pod, to SIP constructed larger lodges. SIP stands for Structurally Insulated Panel. SIPS are perfect for this type of project due to their rapid build time. Manufacturers have the ability to pre engineer and fabricate the majority of the lodge and deliver to site in ‘Kit form’. A perfect solution if you do not want to disturb or disrupt your trading business. SIPS offers so much more than the ‘standard static caravan’ construction due to their 60 year life span and super insulated 220mm finished wall, compared to the general 75mm finished wall static caravan.

Decisions, decisions!! – weighing up the benefits between the two variations can be difficult. Both offer two completely different solutions. Many site owners prefer the idea of purchasing a complete static fleet which they can re-new every few years, whereas more Boutique and higher AA rated parks prefer the modular build lodge with the prospect of renovating rather than purchasing new every few years. Regardless if you’re building a 300 lodge site or a luxury 5 lodge site, SIPS and timber frame builds can cater for every client’s needs and budget.


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