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Move or Improve

The forever argument …

Many home owners and family’s crave extra space, whether it’s a garage conversion or an additional timber construction. Moving house isn’t free and at an average of eight thousand pounds to cover costs, this could be your new dream space.

The permitted development legislation opens up the opportunities to create this within your existing property. Using timber and SIP built super insulated extensions or stand alone garden rooms enables the home owner to provide additional year round flexible space.

SIP built pre engineered structures are a fantastic build method with their low ‘U’ values with their long life span (Did you know SIP panels have a life span of 70 years). With the average cost of a one bed extensions coming in at 21k and moving from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom being around 50k it’s a no brainier. Your decision will partly depend on your personal circumstances. Do you like where you live now? Are your children settled at school? Can you afford a bigger house in your area? Do you have space to build on your current plot? There are many key facts to consider.

With the average house price in Cornwall selling for £203,912 adding value to your current property can be very lucrative. Many of today’s stand alone Garden rooms and extensions can be incredibly simple to install and more importantly easily adaptable, changing the end use to reflect the needs of a growing family. This could be the wish to work from home, flexible kid’s space, new hobbies and leisure or even an extra bedroom. Disruption is kept to a minimum when you opt for a pre-engineered off site construction method as majority of the work is produced off site and delivered ready to erect.

With new build methods and materials it’s an exciting time for potential projects and expansion of homes within Cornwall.

Move or Improve!


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