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6 Reasons why Timber Cladding is a Must Have

Timber cladding has become a hugely popular feature on buildings and structures across the UK. It frequently appears on programmes such as Grand Designs and is much loved by architects globally. There are so many reasons for the rise in popularity; timber cladding is sustainable, insulating and above all, looks great.

It can be used on commercial and domestic properties alike and has the ability to turn even the plainest of buildings into interesting and visually pleasing structures.

Timber cladding is created using long strips of hard or softwood timber and affixing them to exterior or interior walls. It can be laid in any direction – vertically, diagonally or most popularly, horizontally. It can cover entire buildings or just be used to create a feature wall – the possibilities appear endless.

It’s a great way of experimenting with a building’s appearance but there are so many more reasons as to why it’s great.


Timber cladding will naturally fade to a silvery grey colour which can really compliment a property’s setting. But It can also be stained or painted in any colour for a desired styling. Something that is not found with other building materials is the way timber cladding’s texture and colouring allows buildings to blend in with their natural surroundings.


Fitting timber cladding is relatively easy to do, fast to finish and can often be done as a DIY project. However, if you don’t fancy the heavy lifting, a carpenter is the person to get the job done right. Our variety of profiles, including tongue, grooved and V jointedand shiplad boarding, make for an uncomplicated fit.


Another of the great benefits of timber cladding is the natural insulation that it offers; hardwood has been found to have high levels of heat retention and thermal properties. Therefore, adding timber cladding to either the inside of outside of a property, can help retain heat and cut the cost of heating bills.

Environmentally friendly

Timber cladding is renewable, sustainable and recyclable. Making it a much more environmentally responsible product compared to its alternatives. As more people have become aware of the environmental benefits of timber cladding, it has become a staple for ‘eco homes’ being built across the world.

We’re committed to assuring the supply of timber for future generations and have FSC®, PEFC and MTCC Chain of Custody accreditations. All of our timber cladding has come from responsibly sourced timber and well managed forests. As a responsible timber merchant, we ensure that trees are replanted in place of the ones that are removed for our purpose.


Above all, from a design perspective, timber cladding looks amazing. The versatility of timber makes it a great addition to any property; it’s stylish and has the ability to transform properties at a relatively low cost.

It can be used inside too

Timber cladding is undoubtedly most frequently used on the outside of buildings but it’s now becoming a growing feature indoors too. Interior timber cladding can be used in so many ways in order to create a unique style inside of properties. From ceilings to feature walls and whole rooms, the versatility can lead to endless design options. A much cheaper alternative to tiling, timber cladding can be used in any room to add texture and polish.

Maintaining timber cladding

When choosing timber cladding it’s helpful to select types of wood that are naturally resistant to decay and weathering; Siberian Larch, Thermowood or Western Red Cedar. These would require little to no pre planned efforts or maintenance. Other types of timber can still be used as long as they are treated. All of our timber cladding comes pre-treated – meaning it requires very little maintenance in order to keep it looking its best.

Timber cladding will naturally fade over time, so if you don’t want this to happen an important consideration may be which walls to place it on. By selecting the orientation of the cladded walls based on the direction of the sun, you can protect the timber cladding and prolong the fading.

Timber cladding does not require a lot of maintenance but there are still a few key things to bare in mind. If you are using a timber that is not naturally resistant to rot and decay then a protective coating may need to be applied to prevent any issues, including sun damage.

If you are looking to rejuvenate your timber cladding by painting it or applying a stain, then you will need to apply a good primer beforehand. Adding this primer will not only protect your timber cladding but it will ensure that you will end up with a professional and smooth finish.

We stock exterior paint that can be to used to give your timber cladding a face lift. It’s easy to apply, tough and durable making it resistant to cracking or flaking. It is also hardy against rot, weathering and fungi.

Source By Beaumont Forest website

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