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Timber is a versatile and sustainable cladding product that offers a long lasting, attractive finish and suits both traditional and modern buildings.

It can be painted or stained but note that this will add to its future maintenance! However if left untreated the timber will weather naturally and the UV rays will turn the timber a silver grey colour.
Canadian Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch are both very much on trend currently.

Cedar has a tight grain pattern and its’ clean finish make for a contemporary look, while the slow growing dense Kiln Dried Siberian Larch has a more open grain and has more frequent knots. Larch is particularly suitable for charring to a blackened finish which is very popular.

There are many cladding profiles available to choose from. Certain profiles work especially well for vertical cladding which emphasises the shape and height of a structure. While both vertical and horizontal cladding can be used together to contrast on a building.

Canadian Western Red Cedar – Horizontal clad 3 — 


On Trend – Siberian Larch with various burnt / charred finishes.


Vertically clad Canadian Western Red Cedar in a narrow 18 x 94 clad 6 profile.


Sawfalling graded1-1V Kiln Dried Siberian Larch . Horizontal clad 14


The UV rays naturally silver the timber cladding. Each elevation will change at a different rate depending on it’s exposure to the sunshine.

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