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SIPS – Structural Insulated Panels

Why Choose SIPS … The main benefits to building with SIPs are:
•Superior Insulation provides improved energy efficiency which reduces heating and cooling costs.
•Installation time can be reduced up to 60% against traditional construction therefore minimising overall onsite costs due to reduced; project management, plant hire, welfare facilities and most importantly labour.
•Factory controlled manufacturing provides a consistent and accurate engineered product allowing for easier and precise installation.
•Offsite manufacture results in less waste on site.
•Panels can be built in to large format walls prior to site delivery therefore reducing installation time.
•Up to 7 times stronger when compared to timber frame construction. •They increase the available roof space, thanks to truss- free construction, enabling rooms to be created in the roof.
•The OSB creates a continuous surface onto which radiators, kitchen cabinets & Light fittings may be easily fixed with little or no additional support, and the OSB and insulation core are resistant to attack by mould and microbes, and provide no food value to vermin.
•Because there is no service cavity, the walls have a very solid sound when struck, and the jointing techniques used in SIPS buildings mean that the noise transmittance through the joints is reduced, which helps to reduce sound transfer between rooms.

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