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SIPS …an ideal product for creating a super insulated roof whilst creating great room in the roof space !


As a leading SIPS and timber frame company based in Truro our latest project is just down the road .

Using 200 mm SIPS panels we are currently rapidly roofing a complex project in Flushing Cornwall . This material provides not only superb insulation, but the structural strength of the panels and the span requires little timber internally to support the system and creates a great space in the roof . Ideal if you are wanting to use space within the roof as a room or looking to create a magnificent vaulted ceiling !

A SIPS roof works equally well whether extending a bungalow upwards , as a complete shell structure or combined with a timber frame for new house build …air tight and super efficient this off site pre fabricated product ( originally from the USA in the 30’s – they used it to keep the heat out !) offers a rapid  on site solution for modern build methods.


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