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Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) is driven by legislation – Materials, components & Systems are all being developed at a greater pace than ever before in the Construction Industry to provide greater Energy Efficient Buildings.

MMC – Offsite refers to modern methods of construction which has predominantly been manufactured and assembled in a factory controlled environment.

MMC – Onsite refers to modern methods of construction which brings together systems or components which are predominately assembled onsite.

Systems, Components & Materials

Systems – Define methods of building or techniques which comprise the majority of a building thus defining it as a system rather than a component alone: e.g. Timber Frame

Components – Parts of a building made up from singular or multiple materials which can be offsite or site assembled, and can be used in a variety of system types: e.g. Joists, Roof Trusses, and SIPS Roof Cassettes

Materials: – Individual elements which combine to make component parts or full systems.  New materials are being designed as single elements, components and the basis for full building systems.

Offsite/Benefits – Increased Quality & Reduced Time & Cost

  1. Reduced Prelims due to shorter time on site
  2. Reduced Project Management Costs
  3. Reduced Professional Fees
  4. Reduced Programme Times
  5. Reduced Defects and Rework due to high first time quality.
  6. Reduced Wastage on site.
  7. Reduced Weather Dependency.
  8. Increased Procurement Strategies.
  9. Reduced Reliance on Transient Labour.
  10. Increased Health and Safety on Site.

MMC Offsite Types

Panelised Construction –Describes the process of manufacturing and assembling components & materials to form external and internal walling and flooring assemblies for rapid erection on site (Panels can be fully assembled & have services pre-installed).

Volumetric Construction – Describes the process of manufacturing & assembling components & materials to form entire buildings or rooms which are then transported to site & erected (rooms or Buildings can be completely finished, serviced and decorated ready for immediate occupation).

MMC Offsite Systems

  1. Timber Frame – closed, filled and open cell.
  2. Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS)

MMC Offsite SIPS

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS) – Comprise a structural core of insulation which is glue bonded on each face to racking board – Materials for the board varies with manufacturers but typically are Plywood, OSB or one of the new Composite Boards

MMC Onsite Systems

Onsite Systems – Comprise many methods which benefit from the use of modern materials.  As the name implies, these systems are mainly assembled or constructed onsite – The methods are many and varied, the systems approach leads to increased speed and quality. E.g. Timber Frame, Glulam Framed Buildings.

MMC – Components & Materials

MMC is not limited to systems, it embraces components & materials which make up the components themselves.

Components can for individual elements, or the assembly of many materials & sub components which can be used on a variety of system types previously looked at. E.g. SIPS Roof Cassettes, Pre assembled roof structures.


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