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Important Information about Cladding

Here’s some information you might not know .

CORNWALL CLADDING sell PEFC Thermowood D ( for external cladding .)
This is a generic name for Thermally Modified Timber produced in Finland .
Selected live knotted redwood is treated in a series of linked chamber kilns with a specialist process to a temperature of 190 – 212 degrees . Changes occur to the physical and chemical structure of the wood and it’s outward apppearance which darkens.

This improves its decay and weather resistance. Decreases the risk of mould formation as the wood no longer contains the nutritional substances that support decay causing fungi, so it naturally becomes more durable .
Has a BRE certified 30 year life service.
There is less expansion and contraction so it retains its size and shape . Improved thermal insulation of 20 – 25 %.
The increase of surface hardness makes it more stable and strong but it is approx 10% lighter than standard .
It naturally silvers over time .
Have a look at our web site for prices per lineal meter & square meter …

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