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Create Your Own Home Gym


How amazing would it be to have your own outdoor garden gym studio?  What about your own garden gym with a built in shower and toilet, so your workouts are self- contained?

For many of us, fitness is an integral part of our life and as a result, home gyms or workout spaces are becoming increasingly popular, Whether your designing a self-build and planning to include a dedicated exercise space, or thinking of buying a garden room where you can work out, you want to feel confident that your investing in high quality space that’s reliable, functional and does the job you want it to,

At Building with Boxes we can provide you with a bespoke home gym in the garden, which can fulfil the requirements for a novice gym goer to a training athlete. You decide exactly how you want your home gym to look. The perfect workout space can be yours, whatever the budget.

They can usually be designed/manufactured & installed within 6 – 8 weeks.  Can be installed under permitted development without the need for planning permission.

When it comes to the subject of exercise, the main culprits to stop you from joining a gym can be lack of willpower, time and cost. With a home gym in your garden, you can work out in the privacy of your own home when you want, without any waiting to use the machines.

Tips to designing your home gym…

  • The practical – You will need to think about the range of movements used when you are working out. We find taller buildings are best for workout machines, look at our Garden Lodge/ Room designs with a traditional pitched roof, although these will require planning permission. If you want to build a home gym in your garden without planning permission, we suggest opting for a pitch garden studio, which will give you more ceiling height and a sense of space.
  • Consider whether you want lots of glazing to let in natural light, we can install windows and doors or bi-fold doors for a more open feel.
  • What’s your preferred work out temperature? We can install air conditioning to keep you cool and electric heaters or underfloor heating to keep you warm.
  • How will you keep motivated? There’s no point in building a home gym if you’re not going to keep yourself motivated to use it. We can install a wall of mirrors, so you can check out your work out technique or see your physique change before your very eyes. Adding vinyl wall art with inspirational quotes and words could also help you to run that extra mile.
  • How will you power your equipment? Make sure to consider where you want your plug sockets to be fitted before your home gym is built and how many you’ll need. We can also connect to the mains electricity – ask for this to be added to your quotation during the site survey stage.
  • Will you want to install a shower room and toilet? You can also build partition walls and fit shower rooms and toilet facilities in your home gym.  However this will require building regulations.
  • How about adding a touch of luxury? Why not consider making part of your home gym into a relaxation area too by adding a sauna or steam room pod inside.

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