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Cornwall Cladding 2019

Cornwall Cladding – providing high quality FSC imported timber cladding options for projects in the South West.

Across commercial and domestic settings, timber cladding is revitalising the look of buildings large and small, but the natural beauty of timber as a cladding material is not its only benefit.

Timber cladding creates a beautiful, natural effect that is becoming more and more popular on commercial buildings, apartment blocks, and on domestic properties. Entire houses are being clad in timber to create chalet and lodge-style effects, and half or part-clad properties are using timber to provide a visual contrast to large areas of brick, block, render and composite cladding.

In rural areas, timber is proving to be a useful solution when selecting cladding that will match the existing features of both the natural and built environment, and minimise the visual disruption caused by new buildings.

Timber’s environmental credentials are at the heart of its rapid growth as a cladding solution in recent years. Thermally treated timber replaces the use of chemicals with heat to modify the cell structure and make the timber more resistant to rot.

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