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CESW Smart Construction Summit

I will be attending tomorrow CESW Smart Construction Summit.  This Smart Construction Summit [#CESWSmartCon], is the first of its kind, arranged by Constructing Excellence South West (CESW).

It follows the ongoing CESW Digital/Offsite Forum Survey collaboratively developed last year, relating to the challenges and opportunities of digital technology & offsite construction.

The Summit will bring together built environment professionals with an interest in the development of smart construction from the region and beyond and offer a real opportunity to understand & discuss intelligent, integrated & innovative digital & offsite solutions available.

There will be varied speaker presentations, curated by CESW Digital/Offsite forum chair, including a keynote address from Bill Dunster OBE. Other speaker presentations will be given by UK Professionals, leaders and champions of the regions’ smart construction sector, covering topics such as zero-carbon offsite, flying factories, construction industry behaviours, data driven design, & digital offsite challenges in architecture.

Obtaining real insights into a range of intelligent, integrated and innovative digital and offsite solutions that combine the advantages and opportunities offered by smart construction.

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