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A Customisable/ flexible offsite construction solution:

If you’re looking for a top quality construction solution that not only meets building regulations, but can also be customised to your needs and delivered to your door ready for you to enjoy in as little as eight weeks, then our off-site build service could be the perfect fit for you. This method of delivery is dependent on site access and the ability to crane finished product into the space.

How does it work? 

Our process is quick and simple:

Step 1:

You work with us and make decisions on the size, layout and finish of your build.  From cladding and kitchens to floor plans and facilities, our solutions are relatively flexible so you’ll always end up with the space and style you want. Please note: There will be transport restrictions which could mean the building comes in several pods to be connected once on site.

Step 2:

Your project is then manufactured offsite by our experienced team; we’ll keep you up to date with progress and estimated time-frames for delivery.

Step 3:

Your finished living space is delivered to your site for installation.  This is a complete turnkey solution, so all you’ll need to do is connect the unit to essential services before enjoying your new space.

Is it suitable for your project?

The great thing about our offsite builds are that they’re adaptable and flexible, making them ideal for most projects.  No matter if you’re looking for extra office or commercial space, great open-plan living areas for the tourism industry or a haven in the grounds of your own home, our solution can deliver you a quality end-product that meets all of the latest building regulations.

Previous projects 

We’ve recently been working with multi award winning Landal Gwel an Mor to provide 10 unique lakeside lodges.

Talk to us about your project

If you’d like to talk to us about an upcoming project please give the team a call on 01872 222121 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We’re also experienced in tackling challenging spaces, so if you’re unsure if your site is suitable for off site construction we may also be able to help with other delivery options.

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