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West Midlands Safari Park

The Project

We’ve worked with a number of wildlife parks before so when West Midlands Safari Park approached us wanting two Cheetah Lodges and three double Elephant Lodges we were fully aware of the challenges the project would bring. Each of the parks we work with have animal welfare at the core of their purpose and identity; with this in mind we need to adhere to reduced noise and impact on site to ensure that the park not only gets a great new feature, but the animals are unaffected during the process.

Our Solution

Bringing the lodges in fully completed was not an option due to the sensitivity and position of the site. This means we are going to deliver the wall, floor and roof panels, along with the glass necessary to construct the huts separately so that they can be put together on location. The glass on these lodges is graded for tigers, cheetahs and bears to ensure safety their safety as well as the safety of the guests. The walls have also been upgraded to exceptional safety standards.

West Midlands Safari Park
West Midlands Safari Park
West Midlands Safari Park
West Midlands Safari Park
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